TedTalk with National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore

Meet Joel Sartore. Joel is an American wildlife photographer who has photographed for well-established publications and has founded wildlife conservation projects. He has twenty years of hard work under his belt and continues to lead the way in the world of wildlife photography. Joel has had an incredible journey. He has travelled to more than 40… Continue reading TedTalk with National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore

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Cut down your Coffee Footprint

I am constantly on the run these days, whipping in and out of meetings, grabbing drinks with friends and occasionally pausing to grab a cup of coffee. It was not until recently when I stopped to think what my fast-paced lifestyle is doing to the world around me. After some quick research, I found that casual… Continue reading Cut down your Coffee Footprint


Climate Change Consequences on Wildlife Understated

The starving polar has been the face splashed on media platforms as the icon of climate change. This visual has a strong impact on us - we see the ribbed polar bear, helpless at sea - and our conscious tugs at our minds.  But this visual has led us to externalise the notion of climate… Continue reading Climate Change Consequences on Wildlife Understated

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Watch your Water Foodprint

After trying to drum up some more ideas of how to save water in your home, I started thinking about all the things that aren't visible to the naked eye. It's simple enough to turn off the tap when you are not using it, but the real water waste happens behind the scenes out of… Continue reading Watch your Water Foodprint

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Save the Water in your Kitchen

Do we even know how much water we waste on a daily basis in our kitchen? I think back on times I have quickly washed a few dishes under a running tap, accidentally left the tap running or boiled my vegetables in too much water. It is so easy to unconsciously use copious amount of water… Continue reading Save the Water in your Kitchen