Cape Town designers make sustainability sexy

On Thursday 13 August the winners of the Remake Challenge for both fashion and object categories were announced at BelloVista Studio, Woodstock. Organised by Nikki Stear from Live Eco, this is the fifth consecutive year of the sustainable design challenge, and it only seems to be growing bigger.


Viva la Fashion Revolution

Friday 24th April the world celebrated International Fashion Revolution Day, in honour of the 1 129 factory workers who died and the 2 515 who were injured when Rana Plaza clothing factory in Bangladesh collapsed April 2013.


Who am I wearing?

Have you ever thought about the footsteps of your T-shirt, from the seed to the closet? Or what happens to it atΒ the end of its life span? On Thursday 26th March, Fashion Revolution hosted an information evening at the Bello Studio to educate concerned citizens about sustainable clothing. Transparency in the value chain Customers are… Continue reading Who am I wearing?