Get Sexy this Valentine’s Day

Celebrate the sustainability of your love this Valentine's Day and make it last. Share your love with your partner and mother nature this Tuesday, whether going out for a picnic or getting romantic over a quiet dinner at home. Here are a few alternative things to explore in Cape Town this year. Local is Lekker Chocolates, cards… Continue reading Get Sexy this Valentine’s Day


Water Savvy in the Bathroom

There has recently been a lot of hype in the media around the  "100 days of water left in Cape Town" shock generated in early January. And why shouldn't there be? We are still busy climbing out of a drought in the Western Cape so water resources have been tight. The province received little rainfall during… Continue reading Water Savvy in the Bathroom


How to be a Conscious Traveller

We are a fortunate generation - we live in a globalised world where once far-away destinations are now a hop-skip-and jump away. With a plane ride we can jet of to Vietnam, explore the Amazon, or find ourselves on a safari at the very tip of Africa. How can we become conscious travellers? More people are… Continue reading How to be a Conscious Traveller


Jolynn Minnaar Unearthed

"I was never certain that I wanted to be a documentary filmmaker," Jolynn Minaar smiled sheepishly. "'Unearthed' itself is a production I never really anticipated." Once she heard fracking was to make itself at home in her Karoo, Jolynn embarked on a journey to the United States in 2011 to explore the world of hydraulic… Continue reading Jolynn Minnaar Unearthed


Cape Town designers make sustainability sexy

On Thursday 13 August the winners of the Remake Challenge for both fashion and object categories were announced at BelloVista Studio, Woodstock. Organised by Nikki Stear from Live Eco, this is the fifth consecutive year of the sustainable design challenge, and it only seems to be growing bigger.