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Cut down your Coffee Footprint

I am constantly on the run these days, whipping in and out of meetings,Β grabbing drinks with friends and occasionally pausing to grab a cup of coffee. It was not until recently when I stopped to think what my fast-paced lifestyle is doing to the world around me. After some quick research, I found that casual… Continue reading Cut down your Coffee Footprint


Water Savvy in the Bathroom

There has recently been a lot of hype in the media around the Β "100 days of water left in Cape Town" shockΒ generated in early January. And why shouldn't there be? We are still busy climbing out of a drought in the Western Cape so water resources have been tight. The province received little rainfall during… Continue reading Water Savvy in the Bathroom


Jolynn Minnaar Unearthed

"I was never certain that I wanted to be a documentary filmmaker," Jolynn Minaar smiled sheepishly. "'Unearthed' itself is a production I never really anticipated." Once she heard fracking was to make itself at home in her Karoo, Jolynn embarked on a journey to the United States in 2011 to explore the world of hydraulic… Continue reading Jolynn Minnaar Unearthed