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Save the Water in your Kitchen

Do we even know how much water we waste on a daily basis in our kitchen? I think back on times I have quickly washed a few dishes under a running tap, accidentally left the tap running or boiled my vegetables in too much water. It is so easy toΒ unconsciously use copious amount of water… Continue reading Save the Water in your Kitchen


How to be a Conscious Traveller

We are a fortunate generation - we live in a globalised world where once far-away destinations are now a hop-skip-and jump away. With a plane ride we can jet of to Vietnam, explore the Amazon, or find ourselves on a safari at the very tip of Africa. How can weΒ become conscious travellers? More people are… Continue reading How to be a Conscious Traveller


Cape Town designers make sustainability sexy

On Thursday 13 August the winners of the Remake Challenge for both fashion and object categories were announced at BelloVista Studio, Woodstock. Organised by Nikki Stear from Live Eco, this is the fifth consecutive year of the sustainable design challenge, and it only seems to be growing bigger.